Bardini gardens

15 April 2019

The Bardini gardens, adjacent to the Boboli gardens, between the Arno River and the medieval walls of Florence, are magnificent, whatever the season. Composed of 3 gardens of different periods and style, they offer stupendous views on Florence.

If you enter by the Costa san Giorgio’s door, in the lower part of the garden, you find yourself in front of the baroque flight of steps is the most picturesque part of the garden, with its viewpoint over the city and the six fountains with their multi-material mosaic bottoms. 

On the west side is the Anglo-Chinese garden of Villa Manadora, created by Luigi Le Blanc at the beginning of the nineteenth century. 

In the agricultural park, in which fruit trees in the Tuscan tradition have been planted, there is a circular viewpoint from which one enters a tunnel of wisteria and, on the sides, 60 varieties of hydrangeas. And you will find, depending on the season, camellias, azaleas, roses, irises…

Plan to spend at least half a day if you want to really enjoy the garden! You can restore yourself in the coffee house or in the restaurant, next to the Museum…. And you can walk out through the Boboli gardens, and the Palazzo Pitti.

Of course, you can also enter the Bardini gardens trough the Boboli gardens, and then walk down admiring the views on Florence!

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