Strolling around Florence

23 November 2018

Strolling around Florence is a delight on every street corner: Via Tornabuoni with its statue of Justice, its colorful shops (and Palazzo Larderel), the square “Piazza della Repubblica” with its bars, coffee and pastry shops, the square where stands the Palazzo Vecchio, with its carriages waiting for the visitors to make them discover Florence, the numerous cathedrals and churches with their treasures. And so many things that are not in the guides for who knows how to look: the marble mailboxes, the small openings through which the wine was sold, the tabernacles, the names of the small streets: Via del Paradiso (Paradise street), Via del Purgatorio (Purgatory street), and even Via dell'Inferno (Hell street)...

And then the bars where the Florentines come in the morning to have their coffee, "ristretto, lungo o macchiatto" or a "cappuccino" with a pastry, rice cake or croissant (called "brioche in Italian), nature or variously poked.

Whether for dinner or for lunch, you will find in one of these little streets trattorias that will offer you delicious traditional dishes. And then, if you cross the Arno, you can discover the antique shops of via Maggio, where so many talented craftsmen have their shops!

Finally, do not forget the markets, be it the central market, or the San Ambrosio market. And if you stay in the Larderel Palace (Palazzo Larderel) Via Tornabuoni you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this Italian jewel: Florence!

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